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Nutritional Excellence

Raw Fermented Goat Milk

This product is a power house, combining the very best with the very best; Raw, Goat Milk, and Probiotics.
Animals consume all their foods in a raw state, so feeding carefully selected raw milk is a healthy food for dogs and cats. The fermentation of dairy products creates two benefits at the same time: It removes the lactose, which many people and pets have a hard time digesting and it makes a product probiotic through the presence of billions of beneficial bacteria. Goat milk is known to have helped dogs with liver disease, skin and coat problems, it has helped fussy eaters gain weight and give tired dogs energy. Goat milk contains natural prebiotics, which are so important for the benefit of probiotics.

All of our products are made from milk produced on family farms in BC and AB, Canada. All products are processed in a CFIA inspected food processing facility in AB and BC. All products are guaranteed growth hormone and antibiotics free with no artificial or synthetic ingredients. Just the very best for your very best.