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Artisan Goat Cheese

All Our Products Guarantee

All our products are farmed, harvested, and produced in Canada within our CFIA inspected and certified facilities. Our very best for your very best.

All our products are farmed and processed in BC and Alberta on family farms using the highest standard of animal care and ethics.

All our products are guaranteed free of antibiotics and growth hormones. All batches go through multiple testing to ensure purity. 

There are no preservatives, additives, or artificial content in our products. Guaranteed 100% natural.

None of our products contain grain, soy, corn, or any other filler. Our ingredients are simple, natural, healthy, and gluten free .

Okanagan Goat Cheese

This is our flagship cheese, which has won multiple awards over the years. It is a soft unripened goat cheese, also referred to as “chevre”. It has a rich, mild flavour, and an extremely creamy texture. This cheese can be used as a spread, mixed in sauces or cakes, on pizza, or stuffed into veggies. It’s a very popular and versatile cheese.
We offer it in different packaging, sizes and flavours for retail and food service. Our unique “Deluxe” packaging is resealable and offers a clean way to store the cheese once it is opened.
We also make this cheese as a convenient, ready to use crumbled version, ideal for pizza and salads.
Our flavour versions are: garlic/parsley, truffle, basil, and rosemary/olive oil.

Plain 140g

Olive oil and Rosemary 140g

Basil 140g

Truffle 140g

Plain Crumbled 140g

Plain Roll 150g

Garlic and Parsley Roll 150g

Plain Roll 1kg

Semi-Hard Goat Cheese

Our semi-hard goat cheese is a perfect alternative to cow dairy cheese. Good for all you cheese lovers out there who can’t tolerate cow dairy!
These cheeses have a smooth texture and a full bodied, tangy, and yet mild flavour.
We make a white and a marbled Cheddar, a Mozzarella, a Gouda, and a mild version of cheddar.

Cheddar 200g

Marble 200g

Mild 200g

Mozzarella 200g

Gouda 200g

Shredded Goat Mozzarella

We also offer our goat Mozzerella in a convenient, ready to use shredded version. Goat Mozza makes great pizza!

Feta Goat Cheese

Happy Days goat milk feta is made the traditional artisan way, with no milk powder or whey powder added. Just fresh pasteurized goat milk, rennet, and bacteria culture.
We store it in a salty brine. The product has a tangy, full bodied flavour, yet not too salty. Often feta is over salted. Our product has a creamy texture, yet crumbles easily to use over Greek salad.
We also offer it in the convenient, ready to use crumbled version.

Feta in Brine 190g

Feta Crumble 140g

Feta in Brine 3kg