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Goat Milk and Fermented Products

All Our Products Guarantee

All our products are farmed, harvested, and produced in Canada within our CFIA inspected and certified facilities. Our very best for your very best.

All our products are farmed and processed in BC and Alberta on family farms using the highest standard of animal care and ethics.

All our products are guaranteed free of antibiotics and growth hormones. All batches go through multiple testing to ensure purity. 

There are no preservatives, additives, or artificial content in our products. Guaranteed 100% natural.

None of our products contain grain, soy, corn, or any other filler. Our ingredients are simple, natural, healthy, and gluten free .

Goat Milk

Ingredients: Pasteurized whole milk.

Our milk is collected from the farms, pasteurized, and bottled immediately. Pasteurization eliminates pathogens and makes the product safe and more shelf stable. This product is made with whole goat milk and there are no additives in our products. No synthetic vitamin fortifiers, no milk proteins, no additives, no hormones and no antibiotics.
Happy Days offers 100% Canadian, pure, and natural Whole Goat Milk in the 2L and 1L size.
Our goat milk has a pure and fresh taste, without the “goaty” after flavour.

Goat Milk Powder

This product is made from farm fresh whole goat milk. The milk is first pasteurized, then it is sprayed through a heated tower which evaporates the water and turns the solids into powder. No additives at all, just made from 100% goat milk.

Goat Milk Powder keeps all the nutrients like fluid pasteurized milk has. This product has a shelf life of 2 years and can easily be recombined with clean water. This product is available through our online store.

Goat Milk Kefir

Ingredients: Pasteurized whole goat milk, kefir microorganisms, bacterial

Ingredients: Pasteurized whole goat milk, blueberries, kefir microorganisms, bacterial culture.

Our kefir is made from farm fresh whole goat milk. The milk is first pasteurized, then Kefir microorganisms are added at room temperature and the product is incubated for a day. This develops a tasty acidity and gets rid of the lactose.
Kefir microorganisms contain up to 60 different strains and varieties and have huge benefits for our digestive tract. A true probiotic. We do a plain and a blueberry kefir. No sugar added.
Goat Milk Kefir is consumed like a drinkable yogurt, as a drink, on cereal, or in smoothies.

Goat Milk Yogurt


Happy Days goat milk yogurt is made from farm fresh, pasteurized goat milk. We add yogurt bacteria, like Lb bulgaricus and Sc termophilus, and extra probiotics, like Bifidus, and Lb Acidophilus.
Combining goat milk and these probiotics make goat milk yogurt a super food. Beside the enormous health benefits our yogurt has a fresh, slightly acidic taste and the typical yogurt texture.